Dear Creator,

The best businesses are the ones that show creativity and passion in what they do and for that we have created a platform we like to call Upstur.

Upstur is a platform where we gather the best of the best businesses in their respected field and presenting them under one platform for major exposure from multiple diverse audiences.

What is Upstur?

Upstur is the first registration platform that brings together activities or what we like to call
Happenings from all sectors for customers convenience of registration. Registering classes, adventures trips, gym programs , workshops etc. Take your schedule & make it electronic, interactive & user friendly for your audience.

What’s the point?
Building a platform which serves in bringing together businesses from all sectors, encouraging customers into being active & helping expose businesses to multiple audiences.

We believe that people need a way to see what’s out there & explore the options that are being offered. Registering with ease from Art to CrossFit, Travelling to Cooking, Yoga to Ballet with just a click of a button. Being the guide to help build a fun active lifestyle.

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