How to make money from home? Here’s a way for you to do that with UPSTUR AMBASSADORS.

We LOVE our customers and we want them to be a part of Upstur’s success every step of the way so we created Upstur Ambassadors.

Upstur Ambassadors are representatives of Upstur’s new venture UPSTUR TECH. Specializing in website & app development, software solutions, game development, web & app re-design etc.

Here’s what Upstur Ambassadors need to do:
**We ask that if anyone from your inner circle, friends, family members, colleagues, strangers even, needed website development, app development, software production, game development etc. Just connect he or she’s idea with us and if development is agreed you will earn a sizeable commission!**

We promise this won’t take much of your time or any time at all. So apply now and earn some money from the comfort of your own home. Connect us with anyone interested in entering the tech universe and we’ll do the rest.
Ps. You don’t have to be in Kuwait to apply!

Enter your name as mentioned in your Government ID card
Enter your valid email id
Enter contact details including your country code ex. +965-123456789
Select your country
Must be 18 or older

Terms and conditions

-Must be 18 or older
-Must represent Upstur in the best way possible
-Must be adamant to the rules presented by your assigned team leader.
-Must act professionally and ethically or will be removed/replaced.
-If no submissions occurred during 6 months then applicant will be removed and will have to re-apply if necessary.