l e a p

A acrobatic studio

l e a p is a pioneering acrobatic studio based in Kuwait that centers on circus arts, specializing in aerial rope and aerial hoop. l e a p’s mission is to conquer the perceived obstacles of the mind and body and celebrate one’s limitless potential. Being a strictly body weight-only workout, members are challenged with no more than their physical being and are taught to explore and experiment with their body movement capacities.

l e a p’s learner-centered teaching approach maintains a low learner to teacher ratio and thus ensures quality instruction, safety, and recognition of each member’s abilities. Additionally, l e a p also aims to re-conceptualize attitudes towards physical fitness by doing away with competitiveness and instead promoting an inclusive and emboldening spirit that praises progress at every stage- everyone is special at our circus!

l e a p is particularly devoted to nurturing positive outlooks on female strength, abilities, and body image. l e a p celebrates one’s limitless potential by overcoming challenges of the body and mind. It ultimately aspires to empower women to believe they are capable of more than they can imagine- thus, we strive to achieve nothing less than the impossible.

October 2019

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Kuwait City Al Asimah Governate KW
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